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Bill N Back is an original animated series concept that
was created, written, drawn, and directed entirely by
Olivier Brisson.

In 2015, Olivier quit his full-time job to create a pitch
bible, a screenplay, and the pilot episode. The goal was
simple: show what he could do as a creator/director,
as well as seeking out producers and investors to be
able to bring the series to life.

There will be new content on this website every 2 weeks.
A teaser trailer is scheduled for September 2017
followed by the pilot episode in Q2 2018.

Welcome to Bill N Back’s universe!

Bill N Back

Bill N Back

Bill N Back is an Action/Adventure, 2D/3D animated
series for kids 6-11 years old.

The whole universe of the show is based on the
concept of evolution: the world is constantly
changing. The core of the series is about the journey
of its lead characters Bill and Back: a simple-minded
blue wolf and an arrogant pink rabbit. Unlike 99% of
the characters living in the EVO world, Bill and Back
are not a perfect blend between two animals; they
are Siamese twins.

Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back Star
Bill N Back Cloud
Bill N Back Small and Giant
Bill N Back t-rex
Bill N Back Fish


Bill and Back are born with the power
to evolve themselves in whatever they
want, whenever they want.

Beaver and Lion Equation
Dino and Skull Equation
Wolf and Cloud Equation

Characters Concept

Every character in the series is a mix of
an animal with another animal, an animal
with an object or an animal with a natural

Bill N Back
Jared Striped
Brian Giant
Cloud Wolf
Wallo Pollo

Allies and Friends

Bill and Back will meet some friends
and allies through their adventures.
Here are a few.

Bill N Back Bouk Center
Bill N Back Bad Guy Horse Primate
Bill N Back Bad Guy Warthog Bird
Bill N Back Bad Guy Lama Unicorn
Bill N Back Bad Guy Crocodile Rhino
Bill N Back Bad Guy Bouk


The bad guys, always up to eat
anything at anytime.

Bill N Back Legend
Bill N Back Legend Wind
Bill N Back Legend Earthquake
Bill N Back Legend Tectonic Plates
Bill N Back Legend Water

The Legend

The Legend is responsible
for every climatic changes
in the EVO world.

Bill N Back Rays
Bill N Back Cast
Bill N Back Legend Cast

Hill Land

Water Land

Cloud Land

Dino Land

Childrens Drawing Land

Real Land